IronMax Playlist

I thought I would publish a list of the songs in my IronMax playlist. This is the playlist on my iPod shuffle and iPhone I use for long rides (in one ear only), long runs, and now for long swims with my H20 Audio Interval. It’s a long list, more than 500 tracks and 1.4 days of music. It was hard to get it down that small, given that my entire iTunes library is 110 GB in size, with almost 24,000 songs from decades of collecting music. The criteria for these songs is they had to motivate me to dig in at the hardest moment. I envisioned mile 83 somewhere, being pushed back by a headwind, and being down calorie. What song would I need to come on the headphones that could shake the cobwebs from the brain and get the legs turning. I’m curious what other people use for their music. I’ve got a lot of guilty pleasures in here. For example: the 70’s rock of Rush, Supertramp, and AC/DC, or the surprising amount of Metallica and their Eurotrash disco cousins, Daft Punk. The stuff I was surprised I came back to frequently were the classical pieces – Aram Khachaturian’s Sabre Dance is a favorite, but Basil Poledouris’ score from Conan the Barbarian never fails to lift my mood. A few things came from friends and either made me laugh out loud with their silliness, or were just weird enough to throw into the mix as a wake-up. I blame Coach Brian for those. There’s the requisite cock-rock crowd pleasers played to death at Ironman events (AC/DC again) and a few recognizable pop hits. There’s a lot of Washington D.C. hardcore or bands from and inspired by that scene (Dismemberment Plan, The Evens, Fugazi, Retisonic), bands like The Oxes and Austerity Program are pure instrumental guitar noise, while Ratatat fills out the melodic instrumental set. Rap appears here and again in upbeat party songs by 50 Cent, Gold Chains, Rhymefest, and even The Bloodhound Gang. It’s a tour through my musical history, emphasis on the uptempo. I’m going to print out a small list of the best of these to carry in my top tube box on the bike. When I need a lift I’ll eyeball the tracks and pick a song to play in my head; the groove has been worn in pretty deep.

Thunderstruck         AC/DC
Back In Black         AC/DC
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap         AC/DC
Goody Two Shoes         Adam & The Ants
Feel My Forehead         Aina
Royal Wedding         Aina
Two Questions         Aina
Helicopters         Aina
Suite 58         Aina
It’s Time To Party         Andrew W. K.
Party Hard         Andrew W. K.
Ready To Die         Andrew W. K.
Take It Off         Andrew W. K.
She Is Beautiful         Andrew W. K.
Party Til You Puke         Andrew W. K.
Fun Night         Andrew W. K.
I Get Wet         Andrew W. K.
Gayane: Sabre Dance         Aram Khachaturian
Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)         Arcade Fire
Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)         Arcade Fire
Wake Up         Arcade Fire
Rebellion (Lies)         Arcade Fire
Cochise         Audioslave
Gasoline         Audioslave
Song 12         The Austerity Program
Song 17A         The Austerity Program
Atlas         Battles
Rhymin’ And Stealin’         Beastie Boys
She’s Crafty         Beastie Boys
Paul Revere         Beastie Boys
Triple Trouble         Beastie Boys
Won’t You Be Mine         Beauty Pill
Devils Haircut         Beck
Cigar         Biblical Proof Of UFOs
Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)         Billy Joel
Only The Good Die Young         Billy Joel
Judgment Night         Biohazard & Onyx
Let’s Get Retarded         Black Eyed Peas
Iron Man         Black Sabbath
Banquet         Bloc Party
Call Me         Blondie
The Inevitable Return Of The Great White Dope         The Bloodhound Gang
Magna Cum Nada         The Bloodhound Gang
Lift Your Head Up High (And Blow Your Brains Out)         The Bloodhound Gang
Asleep At The Wheel         The Bloodhound Gang
Boom         The Bloodhound Gang
Don’t Fear the Reaper         Blue Öyster Cult
Godzilla         Blue Oyster Cult
Hot Fast Union         Bluetip
Yellow Light         Bluetip
Cheap Rip         Bluetip
Join Us         Bluetip
F-         Bluetip
I Even Drive Like a Jerk         Bluetip
Slovakian         Bluetip
Polymer         Bluetip
New Shoe Premonition         Bluetip
Don’t Punch Your Friend         Bluetip
Spooky         Bluetip
Ephadrephine         Bluetip
52 Girls         Bluetip
Routine Dictates         Bluetip
Peace Of Mind         Boston
Foreplay Long Time         Boston
Smokin         Boston
Outside The Aviary         Burning Airlines
The Deluxe War Baby         Burning Airlines
Carnival         Burning Airlines
Pacific 231         Burning Airlines
Pass The Courvoisier (Featuring P. Diddy)         Busta Rhymes
Stamina (Featuring Venetian Snares)         Cex
Galvanize         Chemical Brothers
Cyclone Billy         Circus Lupus
Breaking Point         Circus Lupus
London Calling         The Clash
Texan Book Of The Dead         Clutch
Animal Farm         Clutch
Eight Times Over Miss October         Clutch
The Soapmakers         Clutch
Welcome Home         Coheed & Cambria
Say Kids (What Time Is It?)         Coldcut
Consolidated (Adorno Strength Mix)         Consolidated
Nowhere         Cop Shoot Cop
$10 Bill         Cop Shoot Cop
Everybody Loves You         Cop Shoot Cop
Any Day Now         Cop Shoot Cop
Alala         CSS
Let’s Make Love And Listen To Death From Above         CSS
Alcohol         CSS
This Month, Day 10         CSS
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger         Daft Punk
Crescendolls         Daft Punk
Alive         Daft Punk
Daftendirekt         Daft Punk
Phoenix         Daft Punk
Rock’n Roll         Daft Punk
Rollin’ & Scratchin’         Daft Punk
Daftendirekt         Daft Punk
Around The World         Daft Punk
Technologic         Daft Punk
Human After All         Daft Punk
Robot Rock         Daft Punk
Television Rules the Nation         Daft Punk
Robot Rock (1)         Daft Punk
TV Rules         Daft Punk
Crescendolls         Daft Punk
Steam         Daft Punk
FaceToFace         Daft Punk
Rollin’         Daft Punk
Hail Columbia         Damon Albarn & Michael Nyman
Let’s Dance         David Bowie
Where Do Ya Draw the Line         Dead Kennedys
Soup is Good Food         Dead Kennedys
Chicken Farm         Dead Kennedys
Stars and Stripes of Corruption         Dead Kennedys
I Fought The Law         Dead Kennedys
Stuart         Dead Milkmen
Tiny Town         The Dead Milkmen
Punk Rock Girl         Dead Milkmen
Turn It Out         Death From Above 1979
Romantic Rights         Death From Above 1979
Going Steady         Death From Above 1979
Blood On Our Hands         Death From Above 1979
Whip It         Devo
Gets Rich         The Dismemberment Plan
Pay For The Piano         The Dismemberment Plan
Time Bomb         The Dismemberment Plan
That’s When The Party Started         The Dismemberment Plan
Bra         The Dismemberment Plan
Do The Standing Still         The Dismemberment Plan
Soon To Be Ex-Quaker         The Dismemberment Plan
Fantastic!         The Dismemberment Plan
500 Miles         Down By Law
I Only Want You         Eagles Of Death Metal
Electric Avenue         Eddy Grant
Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46: In The Hall Of The Mountain King         Edward Grieg
Hold On Tight         Electric Light Orchestra
Without Me         Eminem
Mirror In The Bathroom         English Beat
On The Rooftops         Ennio Morricone
For the Sum of it         Enon
All These Governors         The Evens
Mt. Pleasant         The Evens
You Won’t Feel A Thing         The Evens
Everybody Knows         The Evens
No Money         The Evens
The Idea Of Peter North         Ex Models
Love Japanese Style         Ex Models
cut self not         Faraquet
carefully planned         Faraquet
Weapon of Choice         Fat Boy Slim
Whats Up Fat Lip?         Fat Lip
My Moon, My Man         Feist
One Thing Leads To Another         The Fixx
Monkey Wrench         Foo Fighters
Take Me Out         Franz Ferdinand
The Dark Of The Matinée         Franz Ferdinand
Auf Achse         Franz Ferdinand
Come On Home         Franz Ferdinand
Henrietta         The Fratellis
Grey         Fudge Tunnel
Tipper Gore         Fudge Tunnel
S.R.T         Fudge Tunnel
Public Witness Program         Fugazi
Nice New Outfit         Fugazi
Uh         Fujiya & Miyagi
Rock And Roll Part 2         Gary Glitter
Cars         Gary Numan
Bad To The Bone         George Thorogood & The Destroyers
William Tell Overture (Conclusion)         Gioacchino Rossini
300 Looks For The Summer         Girls Against Boys
Tweaker         Girls Against Boys
Think Locally, Fuck Globally         Gogol Bordello
I Come From San Francisco         Gold Chains
The Wonderful Girls Of Hypno         Gold Chains
Rock The Parti         Gold Chains
Radar Love         Golden Earring
Feel Good Inc.         Gorillaz
4-May         Gorillaz
Take It Back         Gray Matter
The Planets – Mars, the Bringer of War         Gustav Holtz and Edward Elgar
Wind It Up         Gwen Stefani
In The Meantime         Helmet
Ironhead         Helmet
Give It         Helmet
Unsung         Helmet
Turned Out         Helmet
He Feels Bad         Helmet
Better         Helmet
You Borrowed         Helmet
FBLA II         Helmet
Role Model         Helmet
Smart         Helmet
See You Dead         Helmet
Drug Lord         Helmet
Enemies         Helmet
Unwound         Helmet
Everybody Loves You         Helmet
Surgery         Helmet
Speak And Spell         Helmet
Throwing Punches         Helmet
Last Breath         Helmet
Just Another Victim         Helmet & House Of Pain
Celebrity Skin         Hole
Silence On Me         Holy Rollers
Jump Around         House of Pain
Top O’ The Morning To Ya         House of Pain
Dumb Rock 2         Houston
Chicken Little         Houston
Dumb Rock 1         Houston
Big Three         Houston
Ugly Tree         Houston
Water         Houston
Artichoke Heart         The Imps
Freeze Frame         J. Geils Band
I Love You So Much It’s Killing Us Both         Jawbreaker
Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Produced By Timbaland)         Jay-Z
99 Problems (Produced By Rick Rubin)         Jay-Z
Justify My Thug (Produced By DJ Quik)         Jay-Z
Crown Of The Valley         Jets To Brazil
voodoo chile         Jimi Hendrix
Bleed American         Jimmy Eat World
Sweetness         Jimmy Eat World
Game         Jurassic 5
Swing Set         Jurassic 5
Carry On Wayward Son         Kansas
I Kissed a Girl         Katy Perry
Dry Riser         Kerbdog
Dead Anyway         Kerbdog
Cleaver         Kerbdog
Earthworks         Kerbdog
Dummy Crusher         Kerbdog
The Inseminator         Kerbdog
Schism         Kerbdog
Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine         The Killers
Somebody Told Me         The Killers
When You Were Young         The Killers
This River Is Wild         The Killers
Chance         L’Spaerow
Mate Spawn & Die         Lard
Sylvestre Matuschka         Lard
Finding Out True Love Is Blind         Louis XIV
Lucas With The Lid Off (Original Mix)         Lucas
Stand Up (Featuring Shawnna)         Ludacris
Large Amounts         Ludacris
Game Got Switched         Ludacris featuring I-20 & Fate Wilson
Paper Planes         M.I.A.
Baggy Trousers         Madness
House Of Fun         Madness
Lay It Down         Magnapop
Intertiatic E.S.P.         The Mars Volta
Fett’s Vett         mc chris
Paullelujah         MC Paul Barman
Cock Mobster         MC Paul Barman
Bleeding Brain Grow         MC Paul Barman
Honey Bucket         The Melvins
Blackened         Metallica
The Shortest Straw         Metallica
Dyers Eve         Metallica
Sad but True         Metallica
The End Of The Line         Metallica
Broken, Beat & Scarred         Metallica
All Nightmare Long         Metallica
Battery         Metallica
Master Of Puppets         Metallica
Leper Messiah         Metallica
Apache         Michael Viner’s Incredible Bongo Band (Fatboy Slim Remix)
Beds Are Burning         Midnight Oil
Looking At The World From The Bottom Of A Well         Mike Doughty
Busting Up A Starbucks         Mike Doughty
Stigmata         Ministry
Deity         Ministry
Thieves         Ministry
Burning Inside         Ministry
Breathe         Ministry
So What         Ministry
Cashing In         Minor Threat
Honey         Moby
Galaxy Song         Monty Python
Inch         The Most Secret Method
Ace of Spades         Motörhead
Victoria         Mr. Right & Mr. Wrong
Freak Momma         Mudhoney & Sir Mix-A-Lot
Time Is Running Out         Muse
Stockholm Syndrome         Muse
Hysteria         Muse
Supermassive Black hole         Muse
Map Of The Problematique         Muse
Assassin         Muse
Knights Of Cydonia         Muse
Bliss         Muse
Wish         Nine Inch Nails
It’s All Right To Fight         Ninja High School
Negative Creep         Nirvana
Rich Guns         NoMeansNo
The Land Of The Living         NoMeansNo
Happy Bridge         NoMeansNo
Joy         NoMeansNo
The Tower         NoMeansNo
Stocktaking         NoMeansNo
Big Dick         NoMeansNo
Oh No! Bruno!         NoMeansNo
Now         Nomeansno
The Valley Of The Blind         Nomeansno
Everyday I Start To Ooze         Nomeansno
Dead Man’s Party         Oingo Boingo
Who Do You Want To Be         Oingo Boingo
Invincible         OK Go
Do What You Want         OK Go
Here It Goes Again         OK Go
A Good Idea At The Time         OK Go
Maybe This Time         OK Go
Don’t Ask Me         OK Go
Glistening         Orange 9mm
Pissed         Orange 9mm
Toilet         Orange 9mm
Thickest Glass         Orange 9mm
Finns For Our Feet         The Oranges Band
OK Apartment         The Oranges Band
Nuclear Wave         The Oranges Band
Prologue/Anvil Of Crom         Orchestra & Chorus of Santa Cecilia & Radio Symphony of Rome
Riddle Of Steel/ Riders Of Doom         Orchestra & Chorus of Santa Cecilia & Radio Symphony of Rome
The Ory/ The Kitchen         Orchestra & Chorus of Santa Cecilia & Radio Symphony of Rome
Dear Spirit, I’m in France         The Oxes
I’m from Hell, Open a Windle         The Oxes
Panda Strong         The Oxes
Your Street vs. Wall Street         The Oxes
Horses are OK         The Oxes
And Giraffe, Natural Enemies         The Oxes
Fiki Creem call this one “Chivas Regal”         The Oxes
Boss Kitty         The Oxes
Half Half & Half         The Oxes
Kaz Hayashi ’01         The Oxes
Tony Baines         The Oxes
Take & Free Miami         The Oxes
Line Up         Pegboy
Sideshow         Pegboy
Spaghetti Western         Pegboy
Over The Hills         Pegboy
Strong Reaction         Pegboy
All the Lights         Pilot To Gunner
Every Minute Is A Movie         Pilot To Gunner
Put It In The Post         Pilot To Gunner
Bring It Love         Pilot To Gunner
Run Interference         Pilot To Gunner
Weird At My School         Pixies
Dancing The Manta Ray         Pixies
Gridlock         The Pogues
White City         The Pogues
Cotton Fields         The Pogues
Boat Train         The Pogues
Some Like It Hot         The Power Station
Shake Hands With Beef         Primus
Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver         Primus
Smack My Bitch Up         The Prodigy
Breathe         The Prodigy
Diesel Power         The Prodigy
Funky Shit         The Prodigy
Firestarter         The Prodigy
Whose Fist Is It Anyway?         Prong
Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck         Prong
Bring tha Noize         Public Enemy & Anthrax
So Many Animal Calls         Q And Not U
Wonderful People         Q And Not U
No One Knows         Queens of the Stone Age
Backward         Quicksand
Thorn In My Side         Quicksand
Blister         Quicksand
Brown Gargantuan         Quicksand
Fazer         Quicksand
Head To Wall         Quicksand
Dine Alone         Quicksand
Lie And Wait         Quicksand
Can Opener         Quicksand
Transparent         Quicksand
Steady As She Goes         The Raconteurs
Boy Meets Girl         Radio 4
Get Set to Fall Out         Radio 4
Guerilla Radio         Rage Against The Machine
Calm Like A Bomb         Rage Against The Machine
War Within A Breath         Rage Against The Machine
Pistol Grip Pump         Rage Against The Machine
Kick Out The Jams         Rage Against The Machine
Renegades Of Funk         Rage Against The Machine
In My Eyes         Rage Against The Machine
How Could I Just Kill A Man         Rage Against The Machine
Lex         Ratatat
Gettysburg         Ratatat
Wildcat         Ratatat
Tropicana         Ratatat
Falcon Jab         Ratatat
Mirando         Ratatat
Shempi         Ratatat
Mumtaz Khan         Ratatat
Crips         Ratatat
Breaking Away         Ratatat
Beenie Sigel And Dirt Mcgirt – When You Hear That         RATATAT
Missy Elliot – Hot         RATATAT
Young Buck, T.I. & Ludacris – Stomp         Ratatat
Notorious B.I.G. – Party & Bullshit         Ratatat
Beanie Sigel & Jay-Z – Glock Nines          Ratatat
Memphis Bleek – Alright         Ratatat
Beans – Freestyle         Ratatat
Caught In The Light         Retisonic
Malaligned         Retisonic
Filthy Way To Lose Yourself         Retisonic
First Night Of A Year-Long Mistake         Retisonic
Give Up         RETiSONiC
Return To Me         RETiSONiC
Externalized         RETiSONiC
K-16         RETiSONiC
Addicted To The Sound         RETiSONiC
Absolutely You         RETiSONiC
Chemical Dumb Machine         RETiSONiC
Dynomite (Going Postal)         Rhymefest
Fever         Rhymefest
Chicago-Rillas (Feat. Mikkey & Bump J)         Rhymefest
Stick         Rhymefest
Travel By Telephone         Rival Schools
Everything Has Its Point         Rival Schools
High Acetate         Rival Schools
Good Things         Rival Schools
Used for Glue         Rival Schools
World Invitational         Rival Schools
The Switch         Rival Schools
Holding Sand         Rival Schools
My Echo         Rival Schools
So Down On         Rival Schools
Hooligans for Life         Rival Schools
The Ballads Of Resurrection Jo         Rob Zombie
Demonoid Phenomenon         Rob Zombie
Dragula         Rob Zombie
Superbeast         Rob Zombie
Thought @ Work         The Roots
Finding My Way         Rush
Freewill         Rush
The Spirit Of Radio         Rush
Tom Sawyer         Rush
Limelight         Rush
Subdivisions         Rush
Communication Breakdance         Rye Coalition
Stop Eating While I’m Smoking         Rye Coalition
Speed Metal Tap Dancer         Rye Coalition
Break Wind And Fire         Rye Coalition
Three Minute Hero         The Selecter
So Soon         Seven Story Mountain
Reality Time         Seven Story Mountain
Politician         Seven Story Mountain
Bongo Fury         Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra
King Conga         Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra
Play Dead         Shiner
The Egg         Shiner
Pills         Shiner
The Situationist         Shiner
My Life as a Housewife         Shiner
Third Gear Scratch         Shiner
Cake         Shiner
making love         Shiner
spinning         Shiner
glass jaw jest         Shiner
semper fi         Shiner
Suckin’ Gas         Silverfish
Big Bad Baby Pig Squeal         Silverfish
Scrub Me Mama With That Boogie Beat         Silverfish
Baby Got Back (Album Version)         Sir Mix-A-Lot
One Way, My Way         Skeleton Key
Candy         Skeleton Key
The Barker Of The Dupes         Skeleton Key
Duality         Slipknot
Before I forget         Slipknot
A Good Day         Smart Went Crazy
Rolling         Soul Coughing
Misinformed         Soul Coughing
Circles         Soul Coughing
Blame         Soul Coughing
Houston         Soul Coughing
Fully Retractable         Soul Coughing
Monster Man         Soul Coughing
I Miss The Girl         Soul Coughing
4 Out Of 5         Soul Coughing
Disseminated         Soul Coughing
Guns Of Navarone / The Specials A.K.A.         The Specials
Surfin’ Hearse         Splatcats, The
El Nuevo         Stanford Prison Experiment
Machaca         Stanford Prison Experiment
Jungle Love         Steve Miller Band
Higher Ground         Stevie Wonder
Mr. Roboto         Styx
Rapper’s Delight         The Sugarhill Gang
47         Sunny Day Real Estate
Shadows         Sunny Day Real Estate
Skip Steps 1 & 3         Superchunk
Punch Me Harder         Superchunk
Precision Auto         Superchunk
Package Thief         Superchunk
The Question Is How Fast         Superchunk
The Logical Song         Supertramp
Breakfast In America         Supertramp
Take The Long Way Home         Supertramp
Bang A Gong (Get It On)         T.Rex
This Is The Night         The The
Possum Kingdom         Toadies
Tyler         Toadies
Bang The Drum All Day         Todd Rundgren
Mickey         Toni Basil
Stinkfist         Tool
Forty Six & 2         Tool
Hooker With A Penis         Tool
Prison Sex         Tool
Sober         Tool
Opposite Of Techno         The Trans Megetti
Walk It Out         Unk
Ride         The Vines
The World Has Turned And Left Me Here         Weezer
Say It Ain’t So         Weezer
Hash Pipe         Weezer
The Alternative Polka Medley: Loser/Sex Type Thing/All I Wanna Do/Closer/Bang And Blame/You Oughta Know/Bullet With Butterfly Wings/My Friends/I’ll Stick Around/Black Hole Sun/Basket Case/Ear Booker Polka         Weird Al Yankovic
Polkas on 45         Weird Al Yankovic
Theme From Rocky XIII         Weird Al Yankovic
White & Nerdy (Parody of “Ridin'” By Chamillionaire featuring Krayzie Bone)         Weird Al Yankovic
Love Squats         Wicked Farleys
Raum Der Zeit         Wizo
You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son         Wolf Parade
Shine A Light         Wolf Parade
Dear Sons And Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts         Wolf Parade
I’ll Believe In Anything         Wolf Parade
It’s A Curse         Wolf Parade
Woman         Wolfmother
Rules         Wu-Tang Clan
Roundabout         Yes
Owner Of A Lonely Heart         Yes
True Zero         ZeroZero
Team Minus Zero         ZeroZero
In Your Face         7 Seconds
Spread         7 Seconds
99 Red Balloons         7 Seconds
Walk Together, Rock Together         7 Seconds
How Do You Think You’d Feel?         7 Seconds
What Up Gangsta         50 Cent
In Da Club         50 Cent
If I Can’t         50 Cent
Gotta Make It To Heaven         50 Cent
Down         311


4 responses to “IronMax Playlist

  1. Some of those tracks would make me run very fast, trying to get away from my iPod. Weezer, for example. Ugh.

    But, of course, you couldn’t possibly think you were going to post a playlist and not have any snide comments from your music snob friends, eh?

  2. I was hoping you would be the first to comment. I have always disappointed you with my taste in music. As you know this dates back to our freshman year of college. And yet in the fifteen years since, I’ve come to embrace my guilty pleasures. So there.

    I’ve also adapted Sartre’s quote to “Hell is other people’s music.”

  3. I think I might listen to some NoMeansNo today. also, my favourite Andrew WK comic ever:
    “I hate to say it, but Mr. W.K. has failed to party too hard ENOUGH.”

  4. 1. There must be a better way to format that so there isn’t a 1/2 inch of space between each song. I think I spent more time scrolling than reading.
    2. Katy Perry! Ha-ha. All your music snob points are out the window!
    3. This makes me want to make my own list of super cheesy songs to inflict on Triathletes, like Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown’s duet: No Air. Ha!

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