My bib number for Ironman Arizona is 593, or DXCIII, a prime number. I’m writing this one week before the race itself, looking over the last year and reviewing numbers. Realizing I hadn’t backed up the blog, I copied and pasted the text and it’s over 700 pages long. In the last six months I’ve swam 82 miles, biked 2,304 miles, and run 541 miles. Those are lower than my goals miles of 100, 3,000, and 1,000 respectively. Coach Brian said that we may have been too aggressive in those mileage goals, especially since the big goal was staying injury-free. What that means is that I’ve propelled myself 2,927 miles. I have spent $7,300 this year on triathlon related goods and services. That includes accessories, race registrations, sport-specific nutrition (Infinit, whey protein), USAT certification prep, apparel (clothing and shoes), bike maintenance and upkeep, TNS business startup costs, and rental equipment. It does not include airfare or hotel costs traveling to races or other groceries that are purchased specifically for my consumption (I could not tell you how many jars of almond butter, applesauce, or ground flaxseed I have eaten). I weighed 184lbs at the start of my Ironman training, now I weigh 180lbs. I am somewhere under 10% body fat. I have many new friends whose value I cannot and will not quantify in raw numbers. I co-own and am building a business whose value lies not only in its revenue but also in how it helps people change their lives. In six days, 18 hours, and 10 minutes I will be racing my first Ironman. That’s just 140.6 miles to go.


7 responses to “593

  1. Good luck with the race. I hope you manage a time that you’re happy with, and enjoy overcoming the challenge of completing an entire Ironman. Wish I could be there to cheer you on.

  2. Only I really know how far the journey has been. And no one can quantify how proud of you I am.

  3. PS. I remember when the bibs you wore only had drool on them.

  4. Lots has been accomplished in the past year! Looking forward to how it all unfolds for you at IMAZ and will be cheering you on via my computer.

  5. Do me a favour: at a crucial part of the competition – any one, I’m not picky – make sure and remember the time you & I ate a whole jar of off-brand Nutella in one sitting, and your poop smelled of chocolate. I expect that will help put you over the top. Good luck!

  6. Seth… what an image!!!! Imagine how confused a dog would feel? If it’s poop, then I want to sniff it. If it’s chocolate, bleh. So which is it? Chocolate poop? Or poopie flavored chocolate? Oh my. Talk about playing with the puppy’s head.

  7. You have been so dedicated and inspiring… wishing you all the best this coming weekend and hope you fulfill the goals set. “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end” – Ursula K. LeGuin

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