Packing list for an Ironman:

swim cap (practice swim)
swim shorts
team jersey
heart rate strap

headsweat cap for under helmet
bike shorts
chamois cream
bike shoes
bike socks
arm warmers

running cap
team running shorts
spray glide for feet
waist belt for bib #

transition bag
Adidas gym bag containing spares of everything, warmup sweats, spare bike shorts, band-aids, etc. etc. etc.

Rubermaid bin containing:
race stuff:
7 bike bottles
aero bottle
powder sports drink
Powerbar gels
mobile kitchen:
electric kettle
French coffee press
Magic bullet blender, 3 mugs
power strip
almond milk
whey protein
almond butter
instant oatmeal
bottle of wine custom labeled “Ironman Max” by aunt and uncle only to be opened after race

second gym bag:
6 pairs underwear
6 pairs socks
4 t-shirts
sleeping shorts


5 responses to “Packing

  1. I am EXCITED for you!! How is the foot faring?

  2. What about the bike?

  3. Good luck dude

  4. also packed was one mid-sized/compact armenian dude, middle aged and whiny.

  5. Middle aged? Brian, you don’t look a day over 65. (That’s the new middle age, isn’t it?)

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