Monthly Archives: December 2009

The decade in review

2000 saw me working for one of the largest visual effects companies in the world, Digital Domain, which had long since shed its luster and was simply a grinding, mundane job. Worse, the CEO had announced that in light of starting up a film production division he would exercise creative ownership over anything his employees made, wrote, or dreamt regardless of what position they were hired to do. At 23 I was earning $65,000/year with full benefits and had already been offered a management role. But if I was going to continue writing my screenplays while doing IT work I had to leave. My girlfriend and I wiped out our debt and moved into a two bedroom, 500 sq ft apartment in Culver City and I consciously moved off a profitable career track in IT to throw everything into my writing.

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Afterglow and aftermath

A blog isn’t fact. Facts don’t require anyone’s belief in them to be true and they stand alone without emotion. News used to be the reporting of facts, but that kind of reporting has been eclipsed by talking (screaming) heads that cherry-pick facts to support a pre-existing ideology. I never set out to tell an objective story, I can only tell my story. Like the talking head on TV, my story contains facts that support whatever emotional truth I’m trying to convey or sort out. That story won’t always gel with what others perceive and has and will cause trouble. It’s gotten me in trouble before and it will again.

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