I have no time for a real post, so instead I’m going to brain dump everything that’s going on right now so I can look back on this and remember what causes burn out. In worst El Nino storm in years, pack a shitload of apartment stuff into boxes in prep for a move 1.5 miles away, live with boxes all around and no room being comfortable. Walk wet unhappy dogs twice a day. Have my $750 roof rack stolen in daylight in front of my house, right off the top of my car causing a few hundred bucks in damage. My grandmother gets sick, goes into hospice. I buy plane tickets. She dies. I have my 35th birthday. I get a migraine driving to my birthday dinner but pop an Axert during the strobing and then rink half a $100 bottle of wine. Then I take some downers during the meal and get pretty goofy. Meal is great. Migraine subsides. Yay goofballs. Day after birthday fly to Philadelphia and stay with my uncle, then Friday bury my grandmother. Fly home Saturday. Land at LAX to phone message my dad has gone back into hospital with pancreatitis. Come home to boxed house. Wake up Sunday remembering I have to run with the Core Performance people, take them on a 5 mile run. I’m running away from my demons so I add 30 second pickups into the run. Push everyone out of their comfort zone. Home. Brain dump. Pack. Wonder why I’m hit with crying jags. And life goes on.


3 responses to “Blitzkrieg

  1. I hope it all gets better, and soon.

  2. Stephan Vladimir Bugaj

    Damn. I agree, I hope it gets better soon. And I hope your Dad will come-through ok.

  3. All the best to both you and your dad. And I don’t hope it will get better soon, I believe it with all my heart (you know me).

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