Monthly Archives: April 2010

Flame on!

It has been six weeks since my father died. A lot of life has happened since his death. Every time I’ve tried to write my way through it I get overwhelmed by how much has happened since then. We spent a week in Washington after his death and upon our return home we were taken care of by friends and family. I did not work, I mourned my father, and went running almost every day. I grew a 30 day grief beard as an external reminder to myself and others than I was in mourning. Though I returned to work after that first week the beard reminded me that I was not operating at my best and to take care not to overload my schedule or emotions. Two weeks after his death I was in Arizona for my USAT level 1 coaching certification class, staying with family friends and running at night in the Tucson desert. Another death in the family would come shortly after, as well as more time in hospitals because life just keeps happening.

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