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My father’s ashes had been sitting on the shelf for several weeks when I got an email from Tim B. saying that surf conditions would be low along with warmer water temps. I invited several friends to join me at 8am in Santa Monica to swim out to the buoy and scatter my father’s remains into the sea. Steve, one of the founders of the Ocean 101 crew, volunteered to paddle his surfboard out to the buoy and ferry my dad with him. Steve became the pallbearer, or Charon if you like that image. We met at the parking lot and made our way to the ocean. Sofia and Eve walked with us, opting to sit on the beach and observe as we did our service. Sofia was finally on hiatus from finishing her master’s thesis waiting for rewrite notes and her first draft delivery was marked by the news that one of her cousins, the first cousin of her mother’s very large family, had just died at age 47 leaving behind a wife and 10 year old son. Our memorial crew stood in front of the lifeguard station and Sofia took our picture with us holding up a beach towel from the L.A. County Coroner’s Office, the body outline a joke my father would have loved.

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A letter to the new triathlete.

You wake up at 4am. Yes, 4am. But that’s OK because you haven’t slept much the night before. Pre-race jitters happens to everyone. After eating a good breakfast (it is the most important meal after all) you’ll load the gear you packed the night before into your car and you and your friends and family will drive out to the race area well before the sun comes up. There’s a long wait for parking and it will seem like you’ll never get in, but eventually you do and wind up parking very far away from where you want to be. There will be a lot of really lean people walking their bikes by holding the seat (how do they do that?) and wearing lamps on their foreheads. They will wear the biggest backpacks you’ve ever seen.

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