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Share the damn road.

Today I watched a truck roll into an intersection and slam into a kid on a bike. The kid wasn’t wearing a helmet and is lucky only his bike was run over by the car. The kid rolled into the pedestrian crosswalk and had right of way as a pedestrian. The truck overshot the intersection. The kid was very lucky he didn’t die.

In the spirit of getting drivers to pay attention, these are some of my favorite cycling jerseys:

Long Beach Urban Fitness Challenge

My cousin Chris invited me to join him in the Long Beach Urban Fitness Challenge. For several months he’d been doing plyometrics workouts on the beach with a coach who is very good at destroying people. Chris had recently been upgraded to push-ups with a handclap behind the back, working towards pushups with a backwards, then forwards handclap on reach rep as part of his routine. Stomach crunches until puking, wind sprints, “muscle confusion”, that sort of thing. It really worked for him and he was part of my motivation to include weights and resistance training into my weekly plan. When Chris signed me up as his “Ironman friend”, I felt the implied challenge and immediately fretted about what I had just signed up for.

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Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me.

Several years ago I had a notion that it would be fun to be ripped just once in my life. I thought that doing an Ironman would result in that idealized body but instead I transformed into the triathlete frame – a door. Flat and narrow front and back, square and boxy shoulders to hips. I got my body fat to just under 10% and I felt great about myself. Six months after my Ironman and I feel as though I’ve become a whale. I’m only eight pounds heavier than my Ironman weight but I’m certainly a higher fat percentage. Body composition is much more important than the numbers on the scale – what is making up the mass is much more important than the mass itself and presently it feels as though my mass is made up of several bars of Plugra.

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