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The Iron Pirate

The Iron Pirate

I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in screenwriting. It is a career path that does not have concrete end points and much of the tangible success is random and beyond my control. Crossing my first marathon finish line was a transformative experience, giving me real reward for months of hard work. After running 2 marathons I decided to try triathlon and connected with the sport wholly and completely. It offered a unique combination of endurance, organization, focus, gadgets, creativity, and dedication. Triathletes are among the smartest, nicest, most intense people I’ve ever met.

I have raced almost every distance up to and including Ironman. I am a USAT Level 1 and USA Cycling Level 3 certified coach.

Special thanks:

Sofia, my wife and greatest supporter.

Gavi, without whom I would never have signed up for my first 5k.

Jill Miller, my physical fitness guru and primary locksmith in helping me unlock my body.

Damon Lee, for being my first friendly competitor, challenging me in new and different ways, and always treating me like a peer on the course and off.

Brian Melekian, for being my first coach and an inspiring friend.

Jason, for the long rides and kicking my ass on Stunt Road.

Robert, for pushing the idea of this site.

Rich & Barbara Jackson, for the inspiration, advice, and persistent positive encouragement.

My friends and family who put up with my weird obsessions and frequent ramblings about multisport (and who don’t get annoyed when I call it “multisport”).

This site is dedicated to my father, Stuart B. Miller (July 17, 1944- February 24, 2010), whose life continues to positively influence mine every day.