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The long ride: ≥

Finally got to do a long ride with Ironman J. today. He has lived around the corner from me for several years, silently lurking, a sleeping demon of inspiration, whether he knew it or not. I used to work with Ironman J. and his wife. Some years ago his wife told me he was training for an Ironman. At the time I thought, “that’s insane. Jews don’t do that.” Obviously, I was wrong. But riding with Ironman J. today I remembered a life philosophy that has come to pay off in my training – the rule of equal to or greater than.

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Face down in it.

Woke up before the alarm at 5:27am, shut the dogs in the bedroom so they won’t bug me for the early walk, sucked down coffee, applesauce, and two tablespoons of peanut butter. Checked email while waiting for that first morning poop signaling the real start of the day. 6am – pulled on my new, first pair of Speedos, grabbed the gym bag and wetsuit and left for the ocean. Continue reading