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LA Triathlon Race Report

Regardless of my feelings towards multi level marketing pyramid schemes like Herbalife or HMO monstrosities that are focused on profit over healthcare, the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Triathlon sponsored by Herbalife will always have a soft spot in my heart. You never forget your first (heavily branded, corporate sponsored, logo infused) triathlon. One year ago I did my first sprint distance event in 2 hours and 17 minutes. I had an ecstatic time start to finish. One year later and I’m heavily invested in the sport because it consistently brings me joy on a daily basis, and doing the Olympic distance in just a little bit more time than the Sprint just a year ago makes it all the more enjoyable. Continue reading

New uniform! New habits! LA Tri is tomorrow! Triathlon Lab in Redondo Beach sucks!

You can see where my head is right now. I just got back from a mini-mini-mini sprint tri in prep for tomorrow’s race. I biked the five miles to my pool, did ten minutes of sprinting laps, then jumped back on the bike for a half hour of sprinting intervals, then ran for ten minutes of sprints. I feel outstanding and I did it all in the new CHLA Team uniform I got my grubby hands on last night! Presenting…. Continue reading