Monthly Archives: April 2009

Los Angeles to San Diego ride take 2


Easter seals.

I was in the ocean this morning, choosing to ignore the surf advisory warning and the strong wind cautions. Couldn’t tell you why. I like living; a lot. Though I enjoy being the Iron Pirate I truly have no interest in dying a salty, spluttering death clutching for air as some swell slaps me down or lurking creature drags me under. I accept we have to earn our monikers, but I prefer plunder and sea chanteys to the Iron Maiden or keelhauling. I suspect most pirates do. (At least, the old ones. Modern pirates also have to watch out for Navy S.E.A.L. snipers.)

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Two out of three isn’t bad – Oceanside 70.3 race report

Oceanside 70.3 2009 is the race where I learned what it means to set tough goals and how it feels to miss some of them. It became about managing expectations while not changing the rules to feel better, and learning how to cope with dissatisfaction to find the positive moments in an otherwise difficult day. And by difficult I mean bad, painful, highly visible, and ultimately very emotional.

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